Wednesday, October 5, 2011

OSWP Final

Well, I have finally taken the exam for the Offensive Security Wireless Professional.  It was definitely an eye opener.  I understand why so many people say it is outdated, but if you look at the SSID's of your neighborhood, you will see quite a few WEP authenticated/encrypted networks.  Anyway, before I took the exam, I practiced a lot from the labs till I got to the point I could identify what was needed without looking at anything.  In addition, my co-worker even gave me a network to try to crack: an ad-hoc network.  I could not seem to inject into the network but I could sniff the network long enough to crack it.  I could not even de-authenticate the clients of the ad hoc network.  However, it was fun to try every option to crack it. 

I cannot talk much about the exam but I can tell you that if you can do everything in the course, you can pass the exam in the 4 hours that they give you.  I stumbled on one section but eventually got it.  After you pass the exam, they give you the option to get access to their OSWP forum which is pretty cool.  It is the same access that you get when you pass the OSCP.  Overall, I love the course.  I do wish they had more on WPA2 (psk/enterprise) networks, rainbow tables, cowpatty, GPS options, bluetooth and access points attacks.  I did read that they are working on an update to the course.  I will give that a look in the future especially if it offers cracks for bluetooth.  For now, I would suggest this course to anyone who wants the fundamentals of wireless cracking.  You can always expand your knowledge with further research.  They even give you the links for it. 

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