Saturday, March 2, 2013

Education 2013

It is 2013. So here is a quick rundown for "Education 2013". I have been enrolled in a SecurityTube course for about 4 weeks now. It is for python scripting which I wanted to becoming better in. Always room for improvement. I am currently about to be on Module 4. I do not think that is enough to give a review of the course but, I can tell you, it is not for beginners. It goes pretty quickly once you get half way through Module 2. It is not something that you cannot understand if you are a beginnner, but it would just slow you down. I am having fun with the course so far. Also, a tip, make sure you visit the site often especially when you are completing the homework assignments. You will find updates and corrections there.

SecurityTube Python Scripting Expert

Next, I signed up for Joe McCray's Web App pentester course. Let's be honest, this brother is doing it. He is at every security con contributing a wealth of knowledge everytime. He has a mountain of youtube videos teaching pentesting skills. When I saw a chance to catch one of his web app courses, I signed up immediately. I definitely need to strengthen my web application testing skills.

Web App Pentester Night School

Lastly, I am going to finally make it to DerbyCon this year. I do not care if I have to drive to Kentucky myself. It is kind of funny a dude from inner city Baltimore driving to Kentucky. I probably will end up flying there though. I really want the Corelan Live course. The course has always had great reviews. I am sure it is a large wealth of knowledge of Microsoft Windows exploit development. It has to be a great compliment to the "Cracking the Perimeter" course.  I can only image what he has in store for his students. He requires like 4 VM's from the start of the class. Also, from what I hear, it is two 15-hr days of intense training. I am saving up right now.



  1. Hi , great blog btw , so how goes SPSE course ? was it worth it ?

  2. Hello, thanks for the comments. I am actually still working on it along with some other courses of Joe McCray and Vivek Ramachandran. The S is a great course and you cannot beat the price. I would suggest to anyone to do the SPSE course no matter what level they are currently at as far as programming. When I get time, I will post reviews on all the courses I have done for the year. It has been more than I thought originally.

  3. "The SPSE course is a great course..."